What are pre-employment assessments?
How quickly can I expect a report outlining the outcome of assessment?
Why should a company consider drug testing?
What is an executive medial assessment?
We have staff that travel as part of their role, can they be seen in your clinics?
I am thinking of referring a staff member for a medical assessment-what do I do?
How to book an appointment


I am attending for a health surveillance assessment appointment and what should I expect?
I am attending for pre-employment appointment what should I expect?
I have been absent from work and I have been referred to see you by my manager, what happens at this appointment?
Will my assessment be confidential?
I have been having issues at work and have been referred to you for assessment by my employer:
What is Spirometry (lung function test)?
How is it done?
What is involved in a Drug of Abuse Screening?
What happens if I refused to do Drug of abuse screening?