Corporate Health Ireland (Corporate Health Ireland) is a specialist Occupational Health practice based in Dublin with offices in Cork and Limerick. As such we are by far the largest Specialist Occupational Health Providers in Ireland and we deliver Occupational Health Services in many areas nationwide. Corporate Health Ireland provides Occupational Health and allied services to suit the needs of individual organisations. We are the largest practice offering integrated Occupational Health and Hygiene solutions in Ireland.

Proactive Health Management
Pre-Employment Health Assessments
Health Surveillance Medicals
Health Screening
Executive Medicals
Night Worker Health Assessments
Risk Assessments
Manual Handling Training
Fitness for Work Assessments
Medical Legal Opinions and Advice
Policy Development
Occupational Health is a specialist branch of medicine, which aims to promote and maintain the wellbeing of people in the workplace. Occupational Health is a proactive service primarily focusing on the prevention of occupational injury and illness through hazard identification and control. It works within the company structure to increase awareness of a health and safety culture. Occupational Health is concerned with the effect of health on work and work on health

With our diverse client base and the caliber of our consultants Corporate Health Ireland provides a broad range of specialist services across many industries. Our Consultants are registered Specialists in Occupational Medicine and are Fellows and Members of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

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Corporate Health Ireland, 10 /11 Exchange Place, International Financial Services Centre, Dublin 1, Ireland
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